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Share your driving lesson experiences

Thursday, 24th March 2011

One of the biggest impacts that the internet has had is the ease with which people can stay in touch and share information, and learner driver forums are a great way to pick up tips from others in the same situation as you. Whether it's a discussion about the merits of various instructors, or just a way to see if anyone else has come across similar difficulties to you, it's always worth searching out some good forums, and preferably good local forums, to be able to read about what other people have discovered. It's also a nice feeling to be able to share some of your experiences - especially if you've overcome any particular difficulties in your driving lessons - as there's always someone who will benefit from knowing they aren't alone! 

A good place to start is here, but you shouldn't struggle to find some really useful message boards and other places you can share ideas by doing a search for 'driving lessons forum', or, if you're in the North London area and want to find out what people are saying about particular instructors, search for something like 'North London driving lessons forum' and get some really good, focal results.