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Top tips for the theory test

Wednesday, 16th March 2011

At London School of Driving we know that the more you practise, the better driver you'll be, and this goes for both the theory and practical aspects of your driving. We've put together a short list of tips for passing your theory test:

1. Make sure you revise, and where possible, use DSA approved material as this will prevent any confusion in how things are explained or what wording is used. You can download material from the DSA here, or you should be able to pick up a copy of the Highway Code and official DSA books from any good bookshop.

2. Use your practical driving lessons as a chance to bring up anything that is unclear with your instructor. This means that not only can you clear up any confusion you might have, but you get an immediate chance to apply what it is you're learning on the road.

3. Recreate the hazard perception test by making a mental note of any hazards as you are driving about during your driving lessons. If you get used to spotting them while you're driving it will soon become second nature.

4. As with any test, make sure you plan your revision properly - allow yourself sufficient time, take breaks, reward yourself when things go well. If revising seems like a chore it will be harder and it will take you longer to get through it. If you can, revise with a friend, as then you can test each other as well as helping each other out if either of you has any questions.

5. Practice, practice, practice. Use all of the DSA's practice material and mock tests to make sure you are 100% ready and confident going in. Once this is out of the way there's no stopping you, so it's worth getting right!

Some people may not realise that you can book and pass your theory test before you even start learning to drive in a car, so if you're keen you can study and get it done before you think about booking some of our North London driving lessons. We recommend combining  the two where possible, as it really helps to be able to apply what you're learing on paper with what you're experiencing on the road.

Either way, best of luck. There's a host of useful resources online to help with getting you driving so we're always happy to pass them on to students everywhere. We found a useful site that provides free practice theory test material here.