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Bad Habits Behind the Wheel

Tuesday, 7th February 2012

AXA Insurance recently conducted a study on young drivers which found that they are heavily influenced by their parents' bad driving habits. So much so that drivers between 18 and 30 years of age are 3 times more likely to get points on their license or get a driving ban if either of their parents have also incurred such penalties.

Another contributing factor was 'road rage'. Rude gestures, verbal insults, beeping horns and flashing headlights excessively, were extremely likely to be behaviours learned from parents. Apparently, young drivers are around 50% more likely to display aggressive behaviours on the road if they consider their parents to be aggressive drivers. AXA's research carried out on 2000 18-30 year old drivers also states that young drivers were found to be seven times more likely to drink and drive if they have seen their parents do the same. Since 'Social Learning Theory' is highly acclaimed by psychologists, these statistics are likely to be based in truth.

According to the study, driving instructors came second in the ranks of who young drivers see as their most important role models behind the wheel, with parents being in first place. This seems to suggest that if driving instructors were ranked in the number one spot as driving role models, then the vicious circle of parental influence could be broken. North Londoners may be able to turn these statistics around by choosing an instructor from the London School of Driving. With our professionalism, expertise and proven track record, our instructors are qualified to be the number 1 driving role model for learner drivers.